During the Summer School, breakfast and dinner are given in the hotel. Lunch  is given  according to calories at university campus.




Especially lunch is set up according to the calories that students can consume in hot summer months.


Click on the relevant link to the University  Dining Hall for Quality  Service Management Certificate





Antalya YÖS CampALS Group Summer YOS course during summer holiday - 2 months totally 160 lessons
Antalya 2017 İngilizce Yaz OkuluYerli ve yabancı öğrencilerle beraber pratik ağırlık geçen Antalya YAZ OKULU programında öğrenciler dersleri tatil havasında,eğlenerek öğrenmektedirler
Antalya Math Summer Camp 2017Antalya ALS Math Summer School: Classes according to students level, 20 lessons per week, totally 160 Math lessons
Antalya LYS-5 Language Preparation Summer School 2017Course start date: 20th of June - 14th of August
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