Lessons & Placement Test

We test each student on arrival in order to place them in the best class for their age and level of English or Turkish (from Elementray to Advanced).

Our teachers are qualified and experienced at teaching to teenage students. They understand the challenges faced by young people staying in a foreign country away from their parents for the first time…

And understand the concerns and worries of the parents as well! 

The emphasis during lessons is on speaking and discussion skills using modern, communicative methodology. We aim to build up students’ confidence and ability to use English throuhh the enjoyable “real life” situations that we devise.

The first part of the morning will focus on consolidating and expanding student’s existing knowledge through integrated skills lessons. In the second part of the morning, students will be encouraged to make active use of their language skills in interesting and challenging project-based lessons that bring the real world into the classroom and students out into the English/Turkish-speaking environment.

Lessons are interactive and communicative. Projects will be based on the interests of the students, but will also link where appropriate to the social programme activities.


Antalya YÖS CampALS Group Summer YOS course during summer holiday - 2 months totally 160 lessons
Antalya 2018 İngilizce Yaz OkuluYerli ve yabancı öğrencilerle beraber pratik ağırlık geçen Antalya YAZ OKULU programında öğrenciler dersleri tatil havasında,eğlenerek öğrenmektedirler
Antalya Matematik 2018 Yaz OKULUAntalya ALS Math Summer School: Classes according to students level, 20 lessons per week, totally 160 Math lessons
Antalya LYS-5 Dil Hazırlık 2018 Yaz OkuluCourse start date: 20th of June - 14th of August
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Phone : + 90 850 800 1 426
E-Mail : antalya@alsgroup.eu
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Ürdün Arapça Yaz Okulu 2018
Antalya LYS-5 Summer School is starting
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